Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why order from an experienced professional instead of
     a mail order catalog?

*  See an actual sample of what you’re ordering - Paper color, quality, and
   size are hard to judge online or in a photograph.
*  Party/card stores and mail order employees are not trained or experienced
   in all of the aspects of wedding invitations such as etiquette rules and
   wording for special situations.
*  Have a person responsible for your order not a company
   · Dependable delivery time quotes
   · If a printing error occurs, it is corrected by us before you even know there
     was an error.  Dealers get preferential treatment because we place 100’s of
     orders a year - not just one

Q:  Do I need to send Save The Date Cards?
*  The answer is “yes” if any of the following apply to your wedding.
   · Destination wedding (beach, Las Vegas, etc.) where everyone will
      have to travel
   · Wedding date is set for a holiday weekend or in a seasonably busy
      locale (such as Nantucket in June)
   · Out-of-town guests need to book travel accommodations far in advance
*  Mail Save the Date cards about 6 months before the wedding to inform
   your guests of the date and location.
*  Include information about several hotels in the area such as phone
   numbers and rates.

Q:  What is the difference between thermography and

*  Thermography is a heat process that makes raised ink.  It gives the
   same look and feel as engraving from the front, although the ink is
   slightly shinier.
*  Engraving is a stamping process using a copper plate with your wording
   engraved in it.  The ink has a more matte appearance, and the paper is
   debossed on the back.  It costs 50-75% more than thermography with
   a longer turn around time.

Q:  When should I order my invitations?
The general rule is to order approximately 4 months prior to the wedding
date if possible.  This will give you time for:
 * Addressing and stuffing: 10-12 weeks prior to the wedding
 * Mailing:  8 weeks prior to the wedding
 * Guests to Respond:  3 weeks prior to the wedding

Q:  How many invitations should I order?
* Figure quantity needed by counting the addresses you’re mailing to,
  not the number of people you’re inviting.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith are 2
  people, but they get 1 invitation.
* Order 25 extra (when added to original order it costs about ¼ what
  they’ll cost later).
* Consider ordering just extra envelopes for mistakes made while

Q:  What do I need to know about mailing the invitations?
* Be sure to put a stamp on the response envelope.
* Take the complete invitation with all enclosures (reception, response,
  maps, etc.) to the Post Office to have it weighed.
* Most invitations that include an inner and outer envelope and any
  type of enclosure card will weigh more than one ounce.
* Ask to see the selection of stamps with two ounce postage (60 cents).
  Some sets have matching designs on 37 and 60 cent stamps.
* Square invitations require extra postage if they weight one ounce or
  less.  Check with the Post Office before buying and applying stamps.
* Have your invitations hand-cancelled to avoid having the postal
  service’s bar code printed on the envelopes.

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